Sauna Star Ceiling

mycosmos sauna star ceiling light wellness milky way 1001nacht thermen Berendonck

A huge fiber optic star ceiling in the sauna of one of the most beautiful Wellness complexes in Europe: Thermen Berendonck near Nijmegen. A starry sky lighting with a total of 4,500 twinkling stars over approximately 30 m² of Okoume ceiling. The galaxy / Milky Way of no less than 5 meters from about 2,000 twinkling stars in 9 different fiber optic diameters, 10 different light intensities from very bright stars to very weak stars and 5 shades of white light between 2,000 K and 5,000 K.



The story behind MyCosmos

The Star ceiling from beneath and in the dark:

mycosmos sauna star ceiling fiber optic sky light milky way 1001 nacht berendock


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Sauna Star Ceiling

Star Ceiling Sauna

Star Ceiling Wellness

Wellness Star Ceiling