The story behind MyCosmos

MyCosmos started in 2013 as the company “Hemelplafond” with me Egbert Olsman and the promise to my wife Aurore Olsman to make a real Star Ceiling, because she had just a glow in the dark.  A glow in the dark you only see the first 5 minutes when the light goes out. After a lot of research into all the possibilities for creating a true starry night sky ceiling, the search for a “do-it-yourself” kit past by… Unfortunately, nowhere in the world it is possible to find a kit that creates realistic stars with a big variety in size, colors or shades of white light and a large variation in brightness. All the packages have the same stars, even then onces with 2 or 3 different thicknesses of glass fibers optics are used. To spend almost 2 euros per star on a do-it-yourself kit and a lot of time building it, that then results in a big disappointment is not worth is. With over 20 years of Astronomy knowledge it became clear that I should develop a realistic star ceiling.

The situation was that I had a lot of time and money to develop a true starry night sky, so many different parts where ordered and 6 months of bizarre hard work and many, many many broken prototypes and problems, then a working prototype came to live. The first star ceilings had only two shades of white LED lights and 6 different thicknesses of fiber optics with very bright stars and weaker stars. Per square meter there were still only 30 stars and the assembly lasted 12 hours including fillers, sanding and 3 times painting. Since the beginning I have been are working full time and within the first 3 weeks that I went online with the star ceiling panels the first customers arrived. After 5 years we have grown to an international company delivering realistic custom handcrafted luxurious star ceilings all over the globe. This is the reason why we changed the name of the company from Hemelplafond to MyCosmos as a worldwide brand.

We use parts that are custom made for us and we combine the latest technology: Home Automation, Bluetooth, WiFi and free app and also remote controls which work through ceiling and walls. We have received many requests to make simple fiber optic star ceilings, but we have chosen to make only beautiful special star ceilings of the highest quality for a trouble free and maintenance free use of 20 years or more with normal use of about 5 to 7 hours. All our activities are manual “handcrafted” and every design is unique for each customer, this ensures that over the years we still make improvements in terms of design, light experience and quality, such as the backup system: all the parts are double or triple executed to ensure that the lifespan lasts up to 20 to 30 years, even if half of the LED, power supply and controller would unexpectedly fail. These are the reasons that we also serve customers worldwide with large unique seamless acoustic star ceilings in very spacious villas, of which we do not give the names for privacy reasons and unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures. We have a range references from customers with very nice projects and possibly references in your area or near an international airport.

This year we celebrate our 5 year anniversary.