DIY Star Ceiling

DYI Star Ceiling

  • The result is the most important thing, do you want the “Do it yourself kit” sold elsewhere with all the same lights? Or do you want a realistic star ceiling custom-made with more than 50 different stars, in terms of brightness, size and shades of white LED light. It is possible to obtain colored stars, shooting stars and a real Milky Way galaxy. Our star ceiling can not be made with “do it yourself kits”.
  • Competiter: wrong      MyCosmos : Bathroom_Ceiling_lights_panels_fiber_optic_star_ceiling_LED_lighting_milky_way_starry_night_sky

MyCosmos :mycosmos sauna star ceiling fiber optic sky light milky way 1001 nacht berendock MyCosmos :star ceiling led light fiber optic lightning galaxy starry night sky milky way

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  • If you decide to make the stars ceiling yourself , this can only be done with a competitive “Do-it-yourself” product, which MyCosmos do not sell, because of the disappointing result.

Do it yourself:

  • The required materials: Fiberglass + light source package, MDF plates (better poplar plywood), wooden rachel for ceiling mounting, paint, silicone kit, 1 mm drill bits and screws. Cost about 100 to 300 euros per square meter.
  • All competiters “Do-it-yourself kit” provides ceiling lighting usually without warranty, so consider that most products last 2 or 3 years against MyCosmos lifespan of 20 to 30 years.
  • Determine the size of the starry night sky ceiling, a panel of 120 by 240 cm is a very nice size. This way you can see if the product meets expectations without having to waste much time, material and money with a disappointing result.
  • The least hard way to build a star ceiling is to create it on a single panel.
  • Make the ceiling fixation and make sure that it will not break the glass fibers. The best way is to fixe a frame on the ceiling and slide it over a frame fixe to the ceiling.
  • Painting can done with a roller or with a spraying machine, only when the fibers glass stick out (not by brush).
  • Best way is to to drill the holes, then paint and then attach the glass fibers to the back. However, with multiple panels, this will be a huge challenge.
  • Do not divide the glass fiber stars evenly over the ceiling, see the pictures on the website for inspiration for constellations. The best thing is to first of select where all the stars should be placed. Design is key and takes time.
  • Fixing the fiberglass to the ceiling panels is best done with silicone kit. Most glues attack the fiber optic or cause problems, witch can cause the fibers to break sometimes after a week.
  • Most people want the stars across the ceiling, this is a lot of work and the cost are to much for people. 1 plate of 1 whole of 120 x 120 cm is already a very nice size.
  • Provide extra normal lighting, because the starry night sky ceiling provides lighting for ambience only. We often install small dimmable indirect LED strip lighting to the back.
  • With our ready-to-use products, you can mount the complete star ceiling yourself with our instructions. We can deliver different ceiling fixation possibilities and finishing, giving you the most beautiful and realistic Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Lighting and significantly reducing the amount of time, work and costs.

DIY Star Ceiling

Don’ts :

  • Do you have a lot of patience and especially a lot of time? It Not, then do not get started with building the starry night sky ceiling lighting. Calculate at least 12 hours of work or 1 week per m². Before everything is mounted and working on the ceiling is complete with finishing.
  • Assume that you know how to deal with the fragile fiberglass and do not brake it too much while building and fixing the star ceiling lights. Prevent this with our ready-to-use solution and customized ceiling fixation.
  • Consider what the result should be before you begin. If you want a realistic star ceiling with different brightnesses and variation in star size, then a “do it yourself kit” (from the competitor) is not an option.
  • Beware of the competitors products for this so-called “twinkel wheel”, this seems very nice, but after a second, the blinking starts working on your nerves. It also makes this a noise and is very unsuitable for damp spaces. Check out our unique twinkle, which you can set at the desired twinkel speed and can also create static, makes no noise and is 100% waterproof.
  • The Quantity of the stars: with the competitor kit you can make up to 50 stars per square meter, but it will look very busy, due to the lack of variation in size and brightness. We make over 100 stars per square meter as if you are outside late at night under the real starry night sky.
  • Be ware of the do-it-yourself packages with IR – Remote technology, these are 30 years old, outdated technology. You can see this by the flat infrared remote control or the antenna sticking out of the remote control.
  • The fiber optic plastic ends tip are sometimes offered by competitors to make larger stars. This does not give the desired result and looks very cheap. We make the different sizes exclusively with fiberglass and the according light source, which gives a huge difference in quality and a realistically much brighter star.
  • The glass fibers can break and be affected by most glues, so therefor always use silicone kit, to use just any glue for the fiberglass fixation is very risky.

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