MyCosmos star ceilings are handcrafted and fully equipped with glass fibers up to 7 different diameters, many unique LED sources and the latest technology with the most silent control. We use a unique electronic twinkle for the most realistic star effect, so no mechanical twinkle wheel where stars go on and off, which also makes noise. We mount the star ceilings against any ceiling and you can also easily place it yourself with one of many installation methods suggested by MyCosmos. Each ceiling is made in a limited quantity of exactly 1, each customer gets a unique ceiling art with constellations of your choosing. Below are a number of options, possibilities and specifications.

DIY Star Ceiling

World wide unique features:

  • 4 to 14 star sizes
  • 10 different star brightnesses
  • 5 shades of white star light
  • RGB color stars optional, become weak white stars what switched off
  • These features create hundreds of differents stars
  • Dimmable 0 to 100%
  • Electronique twinkling, speed adjustable
  • no noice
  • 50.000 hours
  • Backup system 20 to 40 light sources per fiber optic

DIY kit Star Ceiling


Power 1 to 3 watts per square meter
Or by tabled/smartphone with Free App
Remote by home automation
Average ceiling is lowered by 5 cm
Minimum space behind the ceiling 5 cm (0 to 2 cm is possible)

The unique backup system of MyCosmos ensures that every star will always shine, even if half of the LED sources would fail, with a dual control and dual power supply these star ceilings are build to last 10 or even 20 years.

Star Ceiling LED


Poplar wood

Wood specially manufactured for ceilings, because it is half lighter than MDF.
Depending on the star ceiling project, it is applied in different thickness and size. We use professional paint and you can determine the color of the ceiling yourself. With a white ceiling, it is good to know that the stars are less beautiful in daylight, but in the dark it makes little difference. With a dark, black or night blue color, the stars also look nice when there is light in the room, but the starry night sky ceiling is always the most beautiful when it is very dark.

star ceiling Fiber optic panels LED lighting bedroom design tiles realistic boards MyCosmos

Okoume wood
Wood that is suitable for humid areas and can be used outdoors.
It is applied in different thickness and size.

Fiber optic lighting star ceiling panels tiles bathroom lights LED fibre lighting milky way spa wellness resor

MDF wood
It is applied in different thickness and size.

Plasterboard / Drywall
We have developed a unique method to create a seamless ceiling with the most amount of stars per square meter / feet in the world. The fragile glass fibers, LED lighting and mounting frame are very fixed in a special way that the stars even shine where they a squashed against the ceiling fixation. As a result, there are no interruptions in the star constellations and you will not get a panel effect, but one giant galaxy.

A panel of powder coated aluminum for a very luxurious finish and appearance.

Stone, Tiles, Mosaic
For the bottom of the pool and a beautiful floor that twinkle in the night, we have a special method to achieve a magic star lighting in an almost impossible places.

Suspension System
Glaswol / stone wool panels in almost any size with hidden profile, measured in companies for acoustic performance and easy access behind the ceiling.

Fiber optic star ceiling panels spinning twinkling stars sauna spa wellness resort starry night sky fibre light acoustic boards lighting twinkle

Stone wool ceiling tiles

Acoustic panels in different colors and in large formats with a 4 cm edge finish. This is a very simple ceiling mounting sollution.

MyCosmos fiber optic star ceiling bedroom panels boards tiles MyCosmos led akoustic eurocoustic rockfon fiberglass stone wool

Ceiling led star lights stars


5 Shades of white LED light
4 to 12 Fiber optic diameters
Twinkle / Twinkling
Brightness variations
Dimmable LED
75 to 150 stars / m²
Constellations / Zodiac signs
Optional: Colored stars (RGB)
Shooting stars / Meteorites
Milky Way

Hundreds and thousands of stars.

Twinkle speed ​​adjustable from 0 to 100%, watch the video with the speed at 85%.

The shooting stars pas by every 25 seconds, also possible with timer setting.

Ceiling stars

Ceiling mounting

Without screws in sight floating
Height adjustable cables
Click system
Magnet suspension
with lighting Edge finish / Ornamental
Multiple panels:
12 volt cable connection
Lamell connection + V-seam
Seamless finish

An example of the most commonly used and easiest assembly method:

mycosmos montagemycosmos montage 2star ceiling fiber optic led light lighting starry night sky art handcrafted wannahaves design wood woden suspended stars panels mycosmos

Fiber Optic Ceiling

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