Fiber optic star ceiling price

All ceilings are 100 % handcrafted, unique and the most exclusive in the world. The materials used are different types of wood, Rockpanel, acoustic fiberglass / glass wool panels, aluminum, stone and plexiglas/acrylic. In terms of design, colors and dimensions we will advice and meet your wishes and requirements.

MyCosmos DIY kit are unique in the world a 100% custom build to last 50.000 Hours with the world wide unique features:

DIY kit Star Ceiling

World wide unique features:

  • 4 to 14 star sizes
  • 10 different star brightnesses
  • 5 shades of white star light
  • RGB color stars optional, become weak white stars what switched off
  • These features create hundreds of differents stars
  • Dimmable 0 to 100%
  • Electronique twinkling, speed adjustable
  • no noice
  • 50.000 hours
  • Backup system 20 to 40 light sources per fiber optic

DIY Star Ceiling

DIY kit

  • MyCosmos DIY kit: 1 custom-made kit per panel, to be requested via the quote form.
    • The number of fibers depends on the size of the panel and the options of colored stars or not.
    • Free personal guidance and advice, via telephone, whatsapp or email from start to installation against the ceiling.
    • Milky way option
    • Shooting stars option

The price depends on the following options:

  • Surface = number of stars
    • Between 75 and 150 stars per m², depending on the total surface.
    • amount of work  ± 1 dag werk per m².
  • Material (average from 20 to 50 euros per m²)
    • Depending on room: temperature, humidity, finishing, etc.
  • Ceiling fixation
    • Various mounting options are possible, depending on the space and finish, you will receive the options and the best advice.
  • Finish
    • Edge finish
    • Almost seamless
  • Options :
    • Indirect LED lighting
    • shooting stars = meteorites
    • A galaxy / Milky Way of hundreds or thousands of stars, the most luxurious option in the world, unparalleled

With the DIY “Do it yourself” kits also comes the advice on all the above options.

DIY kit do it yourself

Create your own star ceiling?

MyCosmos will advice and create handcrafted DIY “Doe it Yourself kits” with personal explanation and custom solutions for what and how you wish to build.

From € 1.000

Zwevend Plafond sterrenhemel plafond verlichting led glasvezel slaapkamer badkamer romantisch ideen voorbeeld luxe mycosmossterrenhemel plafond verlichting slaapkamer zwevend akoestisch eurocoustic rockfon verlaagd romantisch MyCosmossterrenhemel plafond verlichting buiten dakterras balkon LED mycosmos

Fibre Optic Star Ceiling Price

From € 2.500

Sterrenhemel plafond verlichting LED glasvezel slaapkamer romantisch ideen voorbeelden afbeeldingenLED sterrenhemel verlichting badkamer plafond valende sterren melkweg MyCosmos luxe ideeen exclusief voorbeeldenSterrenhemel-plafond-platen-sterrenbeeld-kreeft-stier-schorpioen-weegschaal-plafondverlichting-luxe-badkamer-toilet-ideeen

Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Cost

From € 5.000

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Free Quotation

The price of the star ceilings depends on :

  • Surface = the number of stars

1 m² = 1 day of work by a very experimented artist, if you are without experience it will take 3 to 4 day for ± 100 stars.

  • Type of material
  • Finish, seamless, side open/closed, floating, etc.
  • Options such as :
    • indirect LED lighting,
    • shooting stars (meteorite)
    • A galaxy of hundreds or thousands stars that make up a real milky way, the most luxurious option in the world.

fibre optic star ceiling price



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fibre optic star ceiling cost

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